Senior Leadership Scheme

At Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS), we know that every decision we make and every action we take will provoke debate and opinion. And while some people’s comments are insightful, many more overlook the incredible complexity involved in running an organisation of this magnitude.

If it was easy, we wouldn't need you

Which is why we’re looking for the few. We want a handful of future leaders who understand there is never a straightforward solution to any of the challenges we face, and will use their resilience, assertiveness and empathy to do the right thing no matter how hard it may be.

If that’s you, you’ll join our 3-year Senior Leadership Scheme in the South of England and be immersed in an environment unlike anything you’ll have experienced before. Then you will be able to use everything you’ve learnt to drive our future success – potentially as a Deputy Governor and beyond.