It is an amazing opportunity, there are very few things in modern life in Britain which will give you that range of challenge. That level of excitement, that level of responsibility. It’s an extraordinary job - it’s a great privilege for me to be prison minister, it’s an even greater privilege to be a prison governor.

Rory Stewart, Minister of State

The role of Leadership

Leadership at HM Prison and Probation Service isn’t simply about doing things right. It’s about doing the right things. It’s about dealing with challenging scenarios, overcoming difficult situations and taking tough decisions. That’s why you won’t just be learning about our service on the Senior Leadership Scheme, you’ll be experiencing it. First-hand. So that within just a few years you’ll have the insight and expertise to lead our service – potentially in the role of Deputy Governor.

Your role as a Senior Leader

Your responsibility as a Senior Leader within HM Prison and Probation Service won’t just be to offenders, though. You’ll also have a duty to their families, to victims, to colleagues, to other areas of the Criminal Justice System, to the community you work in and to the wider public. Doing the right thing in everyone’s eyes might not be possible, but you’ll be confident enough to make the right decision for the right reasons.

If you join the Senior Leadership Scheme, your future will see you predominantly working within the prison service. However, once you have completed the programme you will have gained a wealth of experience that could be useful in a number of different roles and departments across our organisation.